Advantages of Using Steel Mesh

May. 25, 2021

1.Improve project quality

The Welded Steel Mesh is produced by a fully automatic and intelligent production line under the strict quality control of the factory. The grid size, steel bar specifications and quality are strictly controlled. Avoid the omission of artificial help network. Bundling errors and shortcuts occur. The mesh body has a large amount of steel, good elasticity, uniform and precise spacing, and high solder joint strength. Thereby greatly improving the quality of the project.

2. Improve impact and crack resistance

The vertical and horizontal steel bars of the Concrete Reinforcement Mesh form a network structure, which has good adhesion and anchoring force to the concrete, and the load is evenly distributed. This greatly improves the seismic performance of reinforced concrete structures. The bridge steel mesh can increase the rigidity. After actual testing, compared with manual mesh repair, laying welded steel mesh on the road can reduce the occurrence of cracks by more than 75%.

Reinforcement Mesh

Reinforcement Mesh

3. Reduce the number of steel bars

According to the principle of equal strength replacement and comprehensive consideration of factors, the use of Reinforcement Mesh can save more than 30% of steel consumption. Moreover, the steel mesh needs to be processed after being transported to the construction site, so there is no loss.

4. Speed up the construction progress

The use of welded steel mesh can make construction work faster. As long as the welded steel mesh is laid as required, concrete can be poured without cutting the steel bars on site, and the steel bars are placed and tightened one by one. It can save 50%-70% of man-hours, greatly speed up the construction progress and shorten the construction period.

5. Reduce the working time of installing steel bars

50%-70% less than lashing net. When the spacing of the steel bars is relatively small, the longitudinal steel bars and the transverse steel bars of the steel mesh form a mesh structure, which is bonded and anchored together, which is beneficial to avoid the occurrence and development of concrete cracks. The welded mesh of road, ground and ground equipment can reduce the cracks on the concrete surface by about 75%.

6. Especially suitable for large-area concrete projects

The size of the welded mesh is very regular, much larger than the hand-sewn mesh. The mesh has good rigidity and good elasticity. The steel bars are not easy to bend, deform and slip when pouring concrete. The thickness of the concrete protective layer is easy to control and uniform, which obviously improves the quality of reinforced concrete projects.

7. Welded wire mesh has better overall economic benefits.

The planned strength of steel wire reinforcement is 50% higher than the planned strength of Class I reinforcement, reaching 70%. After considering certain structural requirements, this is still possible. Save about 30% of steel bars, and the processing cost of bulk steel bars with a diameter of less than 12mm is about 10%-15% of the material cost. General considerations can reduce the cost of steel reinforcement projects by about 10%.

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